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Best Coffee in Noosa, Queensland

Coffee + Noosa

Noosa is this magical wonderland just under two hours north of Brisbane. As you head out of the hustle and bustle of the city, you start to become more relaxed the further north you travel. The main roads drop down to single lanes where you can cruise on in with your windows rolled down. You might catch a whiff of the eucalyptus from the Australian gums which enclose the roads or possibly watch a koala crossing the street. Make sure you’re also keeping an eye out for the Australian themed street names like ‘Emu Mountain Road’, ‘Lorikeet Drive’ and ‘Waratah Close’. The council of Noosa has definitely done a great job of keeping it natural and uncommercialised. However, you’re not here to hear about how beautiful Noosa is, you want to know where you can score the best coffee.

Read on to discover the best coffee in Noosa, Queensland.

Padre Coffee

A new dog for Noosa, these guys moved in earlier this year. Originating in the coffee mecca of Melbs they have brought up their name and house-roasted beans with their quickly expanding empire to become my number 1 place for the best coffee in Noosa.

As you enter into the cafe the first thing you will notice is the large roasting rooms behind the espresso bar. Partitioned off with glass, you can watch the staff at work and see all the in’s and out’s of roasting coffee. The friendly front of house staff are more than happy to tell you what is going on. Most days they have four beans on offer with close to 20 for sale in 250g, 500g, and 1kg bags.

Image of different styles of brewing coffee at Padre Coffee in best coffee in Noosa


Most importantly the coffee they make is delicious. It is strong, creamy, not bitter and comes with a card of the beans and their tasting notes. The cafe itself is in the industrial area and does not seat a lot of people. It seems they cater mostly to the worker crowd of the area for takeaways. Every Saturday Padre Coffee hosts cuppings at 10am. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry I also had to ask. Essentially cupping is the proper name for a coffee tasting.

Address: 10 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville
Phone: (07) 5474 2036
Hours: Monday to Saturday – 7am- 2pm


Less speciality brew house, more great cafe. FOMO is the place you can go and spend hours in their simple but effective outdoor courtyard watching the world go by. They were always packed full of people and provided excellent service. You’ll find yourself hanging with some of Noosa’s hippest crowd.  Whether they’re the middle-aged skateboard riding locals or the surfers grabbing a cuppa and describing the best sets they caught that morning; they’re guaranteed to be friendly and happy to have you there.

Image of FOMO brewing cafe in Sunshine Beach, Noosa. View of the outdoor courtyard and coffee bar in best coffee in Noosa

Photo: FOMO Brewing Facebook

Allpress coffee is served at FOMO with the brew option being typical espresso. Consistent, tasty coffee for the week I visited. Pair your coffee with their smoked salmon brekky. Not your  smoked slices, but a big piece of whole smoked salmon.

Address: 18 Duke Street, Sunshine Beach
Phone: 0456 820 535
Hours: Monday and Tuesday – 6am – 3pm, Wednesday to Sunday – 6am – 9pm

Clandestino Roasters

Clandestino Roasters is a large speciality brew house roasting their own beans. These guys are the favourite for locals and non-locals alike, I was recommended to visit here by more than one person. Clandestino’s has lots of long wooden share tables inside with a smaller outdoor area, mostly with bar seating and a couple of booths if you’re lucky enough to score one. The decor is something you’ll want to walk around and check out, including a life-sized plane as well as cold drip towers on each of the tables with detailed information on the brewing procedures.

Another great thing about Clandestino’s is it is attached to Belmondo’s Fresh Food Market. Take a walk around the deli, natural products or wholefoods section and order lunch to go with your coffee.

Image of Clandestinos Roasters cappuccino and acai bowl in post best coffee in Noosa

My beautiful cappuccino and acai bowl from Clandestino Roasters

Smooth, creamy coffee with great latte art. You can ask for most brew styles including syphon, cold drip, Aeropress, pourover and plunger as well as the standard espresso. The guys fly in arabica beans from around the world and craft them to the delicious coffee you’ll find in the store.

Address: 59 Rene St, Noosaville
Phone: 1300 656 022
Hours: Monday to Sunday – 7am – 4pm

Other places to try:

I stayed in Noosa for 3 nights and in that time drank more than my fair share of coffee. The following cafes I heard great things about, but unfortunately there just weren’t enough hours in the day to fill with caffeine.

Little Cove Coffee Co. 
Another place that roasts their beans on site. This place from photos looks to be on a quiet tree lined street one block off the river. They are environmentally friendly with lots of bike parking and cater to many dietary needs.

First Batch Coffee Roasters
These guys were the next place I wanted to try. Great reviews online but very little information about their cafe. Easy to see they roast their own beans and outsource to a lot of cafes in the area but unsure what they serve in store. If anyone knows please tell me for my next visit.

Edit – First Batch Coffee Roasters has reached out and informed me that due to being in the industrial zoning area they are unable to be a ‘cafe’. Which is why I was having difficulty finding information on them. Stop on by everyone and visit their ‘showroom’ to try their coffee and support this local business.

Skal Coffee
If you take a drive south to nearby Peregian Beach you can visit Skal Cafe. They offer a blend and a single origin, delicious looking sweets and they’re located across the road from the beach. Picnic anyone?

Are you a Noosa local or have you been to visit? What would you say is the best coffee in Noosa, Queensland? Do you have a favourite cafe for us to try?

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