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I recently had someone ask me what my travel style is. Considering how much I travel, it actually took me a minute to know how to answer this. When the answer came to me it was pretty obvious – I love being outdoors and going on crazy adventures when I travel.

What about you? Do you dream to explore the world by following an adventurous path? Maybe you’re already a massive adrenaline junkie and looking for inspiration for your next big trip. Or are you more of a cultural, historical buff who needs to be pushed out of the plane (quite literally). Whatever your travel style is, the following amazing female travel bloggers will show you that you don’t need to be the bravest, craziest traveller to take on an incredible adventure. Although no doubt you will remember it forever – Because let’s be honest, not every adventure turns out the way it’s planned..

13 travel bloggers share their most memorable adventures

Georgina – Georgina Does

Georgina is a travel blogger from London who is always up for an adventure.

I’ve had a few issues with mountains in the past! There was the time the power plant blew up in Santorini leaving us stranded at the top of a mountain and more recently the time I took my first hike! Four hours up a mountain and totally unprepared. It rained, it snowed and I was confronted by a mountain cow half way through.

But it was fine! I made it back… in the end

Image of cow from Georgina'a adventures

“The said cow”

Maria – Travelling Buzz

Maria is a travel blogger from Bulgaria. She has been chasing adventures all over Europe and sharing them on her blog.

I love experiencing a destination through different activities. The best adventure I’ve done was skydiving in Spain, in the beautiful Costa Brava region. We jumped out of a plane in Empuriabrava – a lovely coastal Catalunian city. The view during the skydiving was impeccable – the sea on the one side and the canals of Empuriabrava surrounded by the beautiful Spanish nature… Just wonderful!

Image of Maria's skydiving adventures

Count me in on this one!

Ruksana – Traveler and Tourist

Ruksana has been all over. Born in India, raised in Oman, lived in Atlanta for 10 years and now calls Hollywood home. She is a full-time freelancer with blogging, writing, editing, communications and journalism being her major pursuits. “I am somewhat adventurous and have only in my adult life and after marriage had the opportunity to experience some.”

The best adventure was a walking trip in Japan. It was a 10 day trip with 8 days of the actual experience – it was an adventure in every way – all the walking involved including climbing 2600 odd steps to a monastery, eating things I had never seen before (was served horse meat at one place that I could not bring myself to consume), bathing in the public baths or onsens (an adventure for anybody coming from a culture where being in the nude in public is frowned upon), riding the Shinkansen speed trains, every day had something new to experience.

Image of Ruksana on her walking adventures in Japan

A walking trip through Japan? Yes, please!

Kacie – The Rare Welsh Bit

Kacie is a food and travel blogger based in Cardiff, South Wales. Not exactly the adventurous type, but here to show you not to give up and to step out of your comfort zone – “I’m scared of heights, and sometimes get vertigo just from going up escalators!”

My most memorable, adventurous travel experience would have to be kayaking for the first time last year, in Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal. When I first got into the kayak, I got scared when waves approached us because I was worried that the kayak would tip over. At one point, I felt like getting out and giving up.

However, I kept at it and we kayaked for around an hour and a half along the Lagos coastline, steering our way through narrow tunnels to reach beautiful, hollow caves, before stopping to snorkel on a small, quiet beach.

It was surprisingly tiring, especially in the hot Algarve sun, but it was an experience I’ll never forget and I’m glad I didn’t give up because of those waves!

Image of Kacie's kayaking adventures

How amazing does this water look?!

Erin – Wonderlost

Erin is a part-time blogger alongside one of her best friends, Eva. Ever since studying abroad in London as a college student, she has had an insatiable desire to see the world. Having had the opportunity to travel through the United States, Canada, much of Europe, Peru and soon will be visiting Japan. Although tending to travel to major cities in these countries, Erin has recently been interested in taking more adventurous trips!

My most recent trip to Peru was definitely the most memorable, adventurous, (and at times scary) trip I have ever taken. My cousin and I decided to book a trek to hike four days on the Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu. We had never done anything like this, so we had to do a ton of research to prepare. We embarked on what would be the most exciting, exhausting, and meaningful experiences we have ever had. Hiking through rain, sun, mountains, valleys, steep edges, and rocky steps to one of the wonders of the world was simultaneously challenging and life-changing. I look forward to taking more adventurous trips in the near future!

Image of Erin's adventures hiking Machu Picchu

One of my biggest bucket list goals.

Romy – Brunette At Sunset

Romy is a travel blogger and student always looking for a new adventure. She writes for those with a modest budget, but big dreams. Immersing herself in local culture, nature and adrenaline pumping activities is what she loves most. While Africa and its wildlife holds a special place in her heart.

My most memorable trip was my first solo trip ever. On a whim I decided I was going to volunteer in South Africa. I’d always wanted to work with wildlife so I did some research. I ended up working with Wildlife Act in nature reserve: “Hluhluwe’ where we tracked wild dogs and other endangered species on daily basis. The camp was right in the middle of the reserve. You’d think being in nature all day was relaxing. Well, imagine coming eye to eye with rhino’s and elephants. Getting to observe these animals from up close (sometimes a bit too close) was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.

Image of the rhinos on Romy's adventures through Africa

What majestic creatures!

Pooja – A Bit of This and a Lot of That

Pooja is a part-time blogger.  She describes herself as ‘cautiously – adventurous’. Although she enjoys adventure sports and other experiences, she is always nervous before the first step. “It’s always great fun once the fear is out. (I think I’m mostly cautious as I am extremely clumsy).”

Scuba Diving in Bali was for sure the most memorable adventure. I have a fear of open waters and confined spaces. When you bring both together, and are told to breathe through your mouth, it is ‘scared Pooja’ on a platter. I remember the moment when I was supposed to put the breating apparatus on and go underwater so well. A part of me was saying that I cannot do this, while the other was telling me that thousands of people have done this and it’s no big deal. One breath at a time. I guess the idea is not to over think things and to go for it. Facing my fears and doing something out of my comfort zone was a big achievement for me. I can’t say that I am still very comfortable with open waters, but I think I can handle it better now.

Image of Pooja facing her fears, on her scuba diving adventures

I love this photo. Doesn’t this face say it all?

Brianna – Archives of Adventure

Brianna is from Michigan, USA. She’s a full-time blogger with a blossoming adventurous spirit. Brianna loves discovering unusual places and fitting travel into her ordinary schedule.

One of the most memorable adventure activities I’ve participated in recently was Black Water Rafting in Waitomo, New Zealand. I went back and forth several times before officially signing up. I doubted the strength of my adventurous spirit, but finally decided to just go for it.

Donned with a wetsuit, rubber boots, and an inner tube, I climbed into the mouth of the cave with the rest of my group. The next two hours were spent following along the river inside the dark cave, floating in the freezing cold river, jumping backwards off waterfalls, and seeing the thousands of glowworms hanging from the roof of the cave. It was scary at first as my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the cave, and as I got used to not being able to see where I was walking. But by the end, I was ready to sign up for another go! It was exhilarating for me to test the limits of my sense of adventure and go beyond what I thought I could!

Image of Brianna's black water caving adventures

Loving the tubing attire. Looking good Brianna 🙂

Daniela – Vienista

Daniela is from the beautiful mountain country, Austria. She both blogs and likes to try new things during her free time. “I enjoy trying new recipes as well as new ways to workout and do short day trips.”

The most memorable adventure was climbing in Mallorca. It was the first time ever that I went climbing. Even with horrifying moments of making it up the 15 meters, slipping and sliding down again and the bruise on my shoulder was worth it for the view at the top. I could see the ocean, the mountains and much more.

Daniela's adventures climbing in Mallorca

Climbing view in gorgeous Mallorca

Caroline – In Due Time

Caroline lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband. She works full time in finance but also blogs 3x a week. Rightly so, she considers it her second full-time time job!

Hiking Torres Del Paine in Chile was the most memorable adventure. We had to carry all of our stuff with us for 3 days, including clothing and food. We hiked around 40 miles and a lot of that was uphill, in wind and in extremely cold temperatures.

Carolines hiking adventures

“W Trail Hike on Torres Del Paine – Base de las Torres”

Jenn – By Land and Sea

Jenn is a  part-time travel blogger from Wyoming. While she likes a certain degree of adventure you will never find her skydiving. Although she sure is up for a lot of other types of adventure activities!

We recently stopped at the Dominican Republic and our shore excursion was jumping off waterfalls!  This was a great physical activity as it involved a ton of hiking, scrambling, swimming and jumping!  While descending some of the waterfalls was more like scooting down a rocky slide, others were full on jumps! In fact, the biggest jump was 25 feet. This is huge for me as I’m afraid of falling from heights and haven’t jumped off anything that high in my entire life!

Image of Jenn jumping off waterfalls in the Dominican Republic


Jen – Passions and Places

Originally from Montana, Jen and her husband are focusing on pursuing the full-time travel blogging lifestyle. “When it comes to travel, I stick to a pretty tight budget, and I’m always looking for opportunities to get off the beaten path, learn about local cultures, and do any kind of outdoors activities. I’m also passionate about making travel as ethical and sustainable as possible, so it benefits local people and their economy.”

One of the most memorable and scariest things I’ve done while traveling was bungee jump … I spent three months doing a summer internship in Zambia, where there’s a popular bungee spot over the Zambezi River (which gave me plenty of time to work up the nerve!).

… Visions of all the things that could go possibly wrong flashed through my mind (Will the cord snap? Will it slip off my legs? Get wrapped around my neck? Will I hit my head on the bridge?). But once I was up on the platform, there was no way I was going to turn back.

I was super nervous to bungee jump, but in the end, I was glad I faced my fears and crossed it off my bucket list – in what felt like the perfect spot!

Image of Jen's bungy jumping adventures

“I was weightless, it felt like the scenery was flying over my head”

Finally, myself! Woo 🙂

I have had so many incredible adventures to date. The Ice Cave Hike in Juneau, Alaska was absolutely the most insane thing I have ever done on my own. It was scary, challenging rewarding and amazing all at the same time. You can read more about that hike and other adventures in Juneau here.

Bungy Jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand is also on my list. My adrenaline was soaring through the roof when we took the cable car to the platform in the centre of the gorge. At 134m high the Nevis Bungy is the biggest in NZ! I was the last in my group to jump. No one else hesitated. So of course, I couldn’t either. When I shuffled up to the edge of the platform my whole body froze. Three… Two… One… I dove off the edge. I truly thought I had leapt to my death as I couldn’t feel the straps around my waist or ankles. “Arrghhhhhh”, I screamed. Then it was over. By far the most exhilarating, adrenaline creating adventure I have ever taken. I can’t wait to go again!

Image of Erin's ice cave adventures under the Mendenhall Glacier

Inside the Ice Cave

The 2017 adventure bucket list goals include trekking and camping under the Northern Lights and jumping out of a plane.

Tell me your scariest or most memorable adventure in the comments below.

I hope this is all the inspiration you need to get out of your comfort zone this year. Want to save this for later? Pin this image.

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  • Reply Georgina Goodman January 23, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    Thanks for including me 🙂 Loved reading all the others as well!!


    • Reply Erin January 24, 2017 at 6:57 am

      Thank you Georgina for taking part! I love hiking. I hope you haven’t been put off. Maybe we’ll meet one day somewhere in the world and take a hike together 🙂

  • Reply By Land and Sea January 24, 2017 at 3:45 am

    This is a great post – loved reading about everyone’s adventures! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured! Sharing across social media!!

    • Reply Erin January 24, 2017 at 7:13 am

      Thanks for sharing Jenn! A 25 foot jump sounds massive! I’ve added your waterfall trip to my bucket list for the DR.

  • Reply Jen Ambrose February 2, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Thanks so much for including me, there are some really amazing stories in here! I love kayaking but haven’t done it as much as I’d like to, and the Portuguese coast looks stunning. 🙂

    • Reply Erin February 4, 2017 at 4:32 pm

      Thanks for taking part Jen! Isn’t bungy jumping the biggest thrill!! I cannot wait to go again. The one you did in Africa must be terrifying!

  • Reply Therie April 3, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    I love everybody’s recommendation, but I’m def looking forward to a walking adventure in Kyoto and discover its lovely shrines and temples! An African Safari would be perfect too! Thanks for sharing!

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