Where to find the best coffee in Belfast

As you arrive into Belfast, it becomes immediately apparent how likely it is you will find great coffee here. From the masses of university students, cool hipster bars and cafes and a large street art scene. How could there not be specialty coffee? The capital city of Northern Ireland is split into four quarters, each with their own unique identity.

The Cathedral Quarter, to the north-east of the downtown area, is the hub of arts and cultural activities in Belfast’s city. As with most hipster areas, the Cathedral Quarter started off as a warehouse region, bringing in local artists.

So where do you find the best coffee in Belfast?

Established Coffee

It’s in this quarter you will find Established Coffee. Found initially through my trusty Bean Hunter app I returned here three times during my trip.

Best Coffee in Belfast

The staff are all extremely knowledgeable on the types of coffee and beans they offer. On my first visit, a lady explained to me the difference in their beans. From the flavour, strength to what would best suit an Americano vs a filter coffee. Intrigued and wanting to learn more, the following day I went in with a bunch of questions. A different staff member was more than happy to talk to me and answer all my questions.

While not offering all the regular specialty coffee methods, Established coffee makes a mean espresso or filter based drink.

Located in a large open plan building there is plenty of seating and good wifi. There is a food menu serving breakfast and lunch with delicious treats located in a counter display.

Best Coffee in Belfast

Opening Hours – Monday to Friday: 7am – 6pm / Saturday: 8am – 6pm / Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Make sure you also check out their website if you are travelling through Northern Ireland. Not only is there information on their own cafe. They have put together a coffee guide to Belfast and Northern Ireland with a handy Google map reference.

Town Square

Next on your list of places to try is Town Square, located in the Queens Quarter of the city. Read more on that area and where the best place to stay in Belfast is here.

Towns used to have town squares. 
A space where people gathered.
A place where ideas were shared, where art was born, where businesses were started and philosophies debated.
Possibility lived here.
It was the heart of the city.
We are the town square that Belfast didn’t have.

Town Square specialises in their Aeropress coffee, having won the National Championship last year. Do you want to learn more about coffee? They offer cupping sessions Tuesday’s, weekly.

Where do you think the best coffee in Belfast is? Do you have any others to add to the list?

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