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I’m Erin, a 27-year-old solo female traveller. I was born in Australia and raised in a small coastal town on the Pacific Coast. Growing up I had very little experience with travelling. From a young age though I knew that was all I wanted to do. At 17 I took my first overseas trip to Germany on school exchange where I spent the winter. This is when my life changed forever. Gone were the days where I would sit at home studying (sorry mum), bring on the days daydreaming about a life overseas.

Next came the snow seasons, from 2007 – 2013 I had an endless winter. Starting out working as a lift operator, then in ski rentals, bar and restaurant work but mostly as a ski instructor. I love the mountains and the snow and miss them every day. During these years I travelled back to Europe, England, all around America and New Zealand while also studying a bachelor degree.

After completing my degree I worked as a paramedic for a year before leaving to continue my travels.

Today is almost two years from when I quit my paramedic job and I would consider myself a full-time traveller. Having now added more countries in Europe, South-East Asia, Canada and The Caribbean.

Currently, I am home in Australia for two months and then off to Central America on my next open-ended trip.


I want to show people that long-term travel can be affordable. While I travel I work, couchsurf and volunteer in exchange for food and board. By doing this you can travel while spending nothing on accommodation; usually the biggest expense after flights.

Anywhere I can spend time in the outdoors is my ideal destination. If I visit a city I love to get around on foot to explore all the neighbourhoods. You will then find me searching for the best cappuccino.

I am a backpacker, I do not have a trust fund and I still have debts back home. That’s ok. You can still travel.

Let me show you what you can do while travelling on a budget.

Want to ask a question or just say hi?

Shoot me an email at info@curiouslyerin.com or fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you.

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