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Best cities in Europe

Europe has some of the most beautiful places in the world. From the mesmerizing landscapes, great history, to cultural diversity, each European city is uniquely different from the other. This is a guest post from Kent Church.

Here are 10 best cities in Europe which earned quite a reputation amongst travellers.

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1. Paris, France

Paris is with no doubt a fascinating city to visit, its beauty is breathtaking. Whether it’s art you seek, food or the dazzling sensation, the city of love has it all. You can visit the Notre-Dame cathedral. 

Enjoy extraordinary work of art at the Louvre Museum. Take a stroll across the beautiful parks and guardians spread all over Paris. Enjoy a coffee break or have a picnic only a street across from the Eiffel Tower, and make sure to take selfies!

Paris is also popular for its elegant restaurants and the fancy cafés it has. Each place serves different types of delicious and tasty plates. 

Also, if you never had a Croissant, this is the golden chance to try the heavenly made Paris pastry. 

The glittering fashion boutiques of Paris are also a destination for all fashion lovers. The city is famous for its luxuries sense of fashion through French clothing brands.

streets of Paris

2. Florence, Italy

Florence is considered to be one of the most visited cities on earth. It is one of the few places where an artist feels like he is at home. The Historical background, culture and monuments bring people from all over the world, as it is the birthplace of the renaissance. 

The marvellous landmarks and the exquisite architecture, which can clearly be seen in its Cathedrals, will certainly dazzle your mind with astonishment.

In Florence, you can visit lots of museums and art galleries like the Uffizi Gallery, and enjoy the artwork of famous historical artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo. 

In addition to that, the city also has a rich food culture, from various tasty plates to delicious wine, all for visitors to enjoy. 

sunset glow over Florence Italy

3. Athens, Greece

Europe’s oldest capital is filled with incredible landmarks that will give you an unforgettable journey. In Athens, you can explore the civilization that helped make the world the way it is today. It is a Cradle of civilization.

In Athens, explore the vivid culture through its museums, such as the Museum of Cycladic Art to see the Cycladic figurines. 

Perhaps the most famous place in Athens is the acropolis, its remarkable architecture and the captivating view attract travellers from all over the world. Enjoy nature through The National Gardens and feel the breeze. Also, if you are a fan of Greek mythology, don’t forget to check the Temple of Poseidon.

Athen, Greece

4. Salzburg, Austria

Another beautiful European city is Salzburg. Tourists love the city for the wonderful landscapes it has. It is famous for the baroque architecture presented in its historical buildings. The rural life can be enjoyed across the vivid sensational lands surrounding the city.

Salzburg is filled with classical music lovers, as it’s the motherland of the likes of Mozart. It hosts great breathtaking festivals each year to present the musical culture for visitors. 

You may also visit museums, the New Residential Palace (NeueResidenz) for example is a must-see. The food in Austria is one of a kind as well; its cuisine is super tasty. The Schnitzel, for instance, is beyond delicious.

best cities in Europe - magical Salzburg

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

From the wonderful houses, the fancy restaurants and coffee shops, to the sparkling canals, this magical city has its own charm. If art is why you are visiting, Amsterdam will not disappoint you. You can admire Van Gogh’s work at the Van Gogh Museum, hear about thrilling stories at the Anne Frank House. 

Also, watch plenty of the Golden Age paintings at the Rijksmuseum.

Often referred to as the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam is known for the beautiful canals that lead all over the city. Experience how astonishing the city is by taking a canal cruise. 

You can also enjoy a romantic walk along the canals. Try the yummy food surrounded by its beautiful lights, especially during nighttime.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

6. Rome, Italy

Who of us didn’t hear of Rome; the “Eternal City’’. A lot of people visit Rome to get a taste of that delicious Romanian food. Their spaghetti, gelato and the mouthwatering pizza have gained a lot of sight from all around the world.

The city is also well recognized for its ancient history, brimming with some of the greatest monuments on earth. When visiting Rome, the first thing you’d notice is the magnificent architecture. 

The Colosseum, The Pantheon and The Roman Forum are a must-see for every Rome visitor. The city is also filled with beautiful fountains and statues. 

You could visit the famous Trevi fountain and enjoy taking pictures in front of statues made by great artists like the legendary, Michelangelo.

Rome panorama

7. Hamburg, Germany

Another great destination to add to your bucket list is Hamburg. The city is widely known for being a great harbour area. Its port and the watery paths leading in and out of the city make it a sensational place to visit. 

When in Hamburg, make sure to visit the Speicherstadt to enjoy the brilliant architecture and the canals from the 19th century. The City Hall and St. Michael’s Church are also a must-see, so make sure you don’t miss them.

Germany’s second-biggest city contains a collection of mesmerizing sights to visit, especially around summer. Watch the beautiful Alster Lakes or visit the MiniaturWunderland to see the largest model railway in the world. 

In addition to that, life in Hamburg becomes ten times better as it turns its beautiful lights on during night time. You can enjoy music at the many festivals, or hit a club and feel the vibe with amazing company.

Shipyard Hamburg

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

With its wide green lands and the beautiful blue sea expending over the horizon, Edinburgh is a heaven on earth. The charming medieval theme mixed with its modern architecture attracts visitors from far away. 

Get ready to be amazed by the famous Edinburgh Castle and the breathtaking view it displays. Learn about the land’s vivid history in the National Gallery of Scotland, and feel spiritually enlightened through St Gilles Cathedral hallways.

The city invites you to enjoy walking as you discover the beautiful places it has to offer. 

Enjoy the fresh breeze as you climb the Calton Hill and watch the view of a lifetime. Stroll along The Royal Mile and spend some time at the HolyroodPark and the wonderful sites it has. 

Plus, the festivals presented around the year are truly something else!

9. Vienna, Austria

Back to Austria, the Viennese charm is well known among those who visited the place. It can be agreed that this city is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The floating gardens on the Danube Canal are a great place to start your visit. 

With almost half of the city being green spaces, you can enjoy an amazing time visiting lots of the fascinating vast parks.

The imperial architecture seen in its historical buildings made those passionate about history fly from all over the world. The Hofburg and St. Stephen’s Cathedral are perfect examples. Enjoy the classical music culture by visiting different concerts or at the famous Opera House.

 Also, don’t forget to try the restaurants and experience the Viennese cuisine.

Cafes in Vienna

10. Istanbul, Turkey

Perhaps one of the most fascinating cities in Europe is Istanbul. This city holds the history of many great empires fussed in it. The marvellous landmarks and the ancient city buildings display great brilliance in their architecture. 

Visit the Hagia Sophia and watch a combination of both the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires in its spectacular architecture. You can take a cruise on a boat as well, and watch the beautiful views the city has. 

The Prince Islands are also a great place to visit in Istanbul, and to immerse yourself in beautiful nature.

Istanbul is also widely known for the traditional foods it serves. Have a taste of the delicious Menemen and try the street food offered in the corner of every street. Also, shopping in Istanbul is very interesting, you could find amazing stuff in its bazaars.

Final Words

Our daily life can get a little boring and tiring sometimes. Taking some time away to recharge and enjoy life is a must. 

Here are ten best cities in Europe, grab your gear and prepare yourself for your next adventure. Whether you are an art and history lover, a travel junkie, or just a foodie looking to try delicious food, our list covers it all.

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