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Want to Take the Ultimate Road Trip Across the USA?

Taking a road trip across the USA is on the bucket list of many. Whether you're an American yourself or from somewhere far away. Taking this trip is a huge goal to tick off. At almost 10 million square km's, there is so much to explore, an immense range of scenic diversity, local food varieties to taste and many people to meet. In 2013 a friend and I spent five weeks driving around this huge country, racking up almost 12,000 miles. One of my favourite things was how you could drive for a few hours and the scenery changed so drastically. In Australia, you can drive all day and everything still looks the same. Are you planning on taking a road trip across the USA?

Have you wanted to drive a majestic northern California road trip? This state has captured my heart and brings me back year after year to go skiing in Lake Tahoe. I love road trips and something that makes California so special is that the road trip options are endless.

California has so much to offer visitors. Whether you're looking for stunning mountain ranges, long sandy beaches, bustling cities, iconic National Parks, unique deserts or delicious wine regions you can find them all here.

I set out on a California road trip from Lake Tahoe to explore the often unvisited northern areas and will show you the best California road trip plan to visit in two weeks.

Driving down highway 1 on a northern California road trip