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Liptovsky Mikulas best cafes

Updated on January 23rd, 2020

During the three months I spent living in Slovakia, I had quite a few bad weather days where my ‘fair weather skiing’ attitude kept me off the slopes in Jasna. Instead, I decided to investigate the cafe scene. While there isn’t a huge selection, there are definitely a few hidden gems in town if you know where to look. Make sure you read on to check out the best cafes in Liptovsky Mikulas for when you visit.

Depending on what you are after as a cafe you will be sure to find it here. There are cafes with spaces for digital nomads (although I doubt you will be in Liptovsky Mikulas). In addition to this, you can find specialty coffee, great desserts, interior design and ambience.

This list will save you from popping into the wrong cafes during your stay. Because let’s face it, no one wants to end up in a dirty cafe which claims to have the best coffee.

Best Cafes in Liptovsky Mikulas

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Best overall winner – Arch Caffe

Arch Caffe in Liptovsky Mikulas interior

Finding Arch Caffee in Liptovsky was such a win for us. I don’t remember exactly how we found it. I guess we were probably searching around where we live on a map app to find something nearby. Luckily this place happened to be a 5-minute walk from our house.

Arch Caffe is located just over 1km east of the city centre. It’s a very easy walk to get here or you can hop on one of the buses that go down the main road. It’s hidden in a backstreet with a couple of industrial buildings. Don’t let its location fool you into thinking it will be quiet. There were a few times I visited when I had to wait for a table. There is always a steady flow of customers coming in and out.

The reason Arch Caffe takes the overall winner is first, for its large selection of coffee types. In addition to the usual espresso varieties, they serve Chemex, matcha lattes and multiple teas. The owners are super friendly and really know their coffee. They will answer all your specific coffee questions (in English!).

Secondly, the reason I came back time and time again was for the dessert cabinet. The chef Martin Devecka creates little bundles of joy. These come in the form of miniature things depending on the season. As I was there during winter over Christmas, I was able to try dessert shaped like reindeer, snowmen, snowballs and more. Each inside has a variety of ingredients which go extremely well together.

Would you look at these desserts!

Finally, the third thing I loved about this cafe was the minimalist and open design. Situated at the front of a building one entire side is made of windows. There is plenty of natural light and the space is decorated with a mixture of couches and tables. There are power points for workers, a conference room and a kids play area. Arch Caffe has successfully catered for everyone.



Best location and coffee – Aurelica

Aurelica cafe in Liptovsky Mikulas

If you are in the city centre and want the best cup of coffee nearby than Aurelica is your go-to. Tucked down a small alley on the northeastern corner you’ll find the first coffee roasters in Liptovsky Mikulas.

The reason Aurelica makes this list is for their coffee. They do a wonderful job of roasting their own beans and offer a single origin. They have a Chemex and Aeropress on-site in terms of specialty coffee. You will also find a small dessert cabinet with standard cakes.

As for the cafe, it is small and simple. In total, you could only seat around 15 people and that would be squishy. There is the most adorable window bench seat and a few books scattered around. I was there during the winter so didn’t see what their outdoor setup looked like. However, if you take a look at the google map link below and go to the street view, you can see how it looks.

Cute window seat in Aurelica

They score high reviews on google for their friendly service and coffee knowledge. Prices are standard for the region.



Best people-watching – Karma Coffee

Karma coffee in Liptovsky Mikulas

Karma coffee is another cafe located right in the city centre square. The best thing about this cafe is the hightop bench seat right inside the window. If you’re anything like me and can sit in a cafe and enjoy people watching for hours than this cafe is for you.

During the winter months, there isn’t much foot traffic in the square. As soon as the temperatures warm up, people come out of hibernation and you’re good to go.

Not only does Karma coffee have a great people-watching seat they also do a great coffee and are a micro-roastery. I ordered a filter coffee when I visited and the lady put the jug on my table so I had unlimited refills until she needed it later on. Alike the other cafes they have a few desserts on offer but no other food.

Karma coffee

Finally, something else that sets this cafe apart is the full-length wallpaper of a bookshelf. The first few times I walked past the cafe it was closed, and through the window, it looked like they had a giant bookshelf. I was really excited to get in there for a coffee and chill out with a book. Although it turned out to be a wallpaper it still gives off cosy vibes inside.



Liptovsky Mikulas area

I’m guessing that one of the reasons you are in Liptovsky Mikulas is for the mountain town of Jasna. This beautiful part of the Low Tatras National Park is a wonderful place to visit during all seasons. With hiking in the summer and spring, fall foliage in the autumn and skiing in the winter it’s a great budget European destination. Make sure you read my skiing in Jasna guide to see if this is a place for you this upcoming winter.

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