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Paragliding in Oludeniz Turkey

Updated on January 18th, 2020

Have you seen the photos of people skydiving over a beautiful blue lagoon, only to realise they aren’t actually skydiving? Yep, that’s how high you go when you are paragliding in Ölüdeniz. Oludeniz was our 5th stop on our road trip from Izmir to Antalya and we were lucky enough to enjoy the area with very few tourists.

Paragliding in Ölüdeniz is the highest tandem drop zone in the world. Does this sound like your kind of fun and excitement? Me too! That’s why I had to add it to my bucket list for my visit to Turkey. Read on for useful tips on paragliding Oludeniz Turkey, why I chose Reaction Paragliding, how much it costs and more.

Paragliding in Ölüdeniz

Info about Paragliding in Ölüdeniz

The mountain

Firstly, as mentioned, it is the highest tandem drop zone in the world. Adventure seekers will ascend the Babadağ mountain which reaches an astounding 1,969m above sea level. To put this into perspective, that’s almost double Ireland’s highest peak, Mt Carrauntoohil and about the same height as Australia’s highest tallest mountain, Kosciusko. Once at the top you will run off a cliff and soar through the skies directly over the stunning Turkish Riviera.

Babadag Mountain Turkey

Things to know before paragliding in Ölüdeniz

You can jump off the mountain anytime from April until November, with the summer months having the most stable weather. Your guide will be an experienced paraglider and will create the type of experience you desire. For example, whether you’re a full-on adventure junkie and want to do as many flips and tricks as possible or just want to casually glide to the beach.

If you are staying in the local area, you can arrange to get picked up as part of the price. From the time of pick up to the landing, the tour takes about 2 hours. There are around 5 departure times a day; starting early for sunrise and finishing with a sunset one.

The take off zone on Babadag Mountain

Which company to choose

There are many companies which run the paragliding tours and they are not all created equal. There are a few questions you need to ask to make sure you go with the most suitable company.

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Firstly, find out whether the company goes from the top of Babadağ. Some companies offer discounted flights but neglect to tell you it’s because they drop from only 1,200m. Next, find out whether you can take your own camera or if they will take it off you at the top. Thirdly, some companies are much better about customer service. If you want an instructor who is friendly and makes you feel comfortable, judge the staff in the office. Finally, bartering for the price is perfectly ok. Have a few top company options and go around to see who will give you the best deal.

I went with Reaction Paragliding and had a blast! Absolutely, no complaints, my instructor was friendly, fun and everything ran smoothly from the booking to the transfer to getting the photos afterwards.

Other companies which have a good reputation include:
Sky Sports
Focus Tourism

Reaction Paragliding getting the gear ready

How much does it cost to paraglide

Depending on how good you are at bartering and the season you go, the price can vary greatly.

During the summer season, Ölüdeniz is a very popular spot for tourists coming from the UK. Due to this, spots fill up quickly and it is advised you book online to not miss out. When booking online prices are 375TL (70 USD). If you happen to be visiting during shoulder season, the paragliding companies are actively trying to make business. We were lucky enough to get out price down to 225 TL (43 USD).

How to book paragliding

If you are travelling in the shoulder season, the best way to book is in person. You’ll be able to get the best deals and have a chance to talk to the pilots in person. However, if you are travelling in peak season, make sure you book ahead of time to avoid missing out.

Views from Babadag Mountain

The cost of photos

Unfortunately, the prices mentioned above do not include videos or photos. You can ask if you can take your own GoPro but most companies don’t allow this. Some will if you have the device secured by a chest mount. Ben kept his in his pocket and brought it out once in the air. The guy didn’t say anything.

With Reaction, the cost for me to buy my photos and the special 3D images were an additional 180 TL (35 USD). I tried to barter this cost down, but my instructor told me this gets split between all the instructors as their ‘tip’ money and is a set price.

Paragliding in the clouds

Tips before you go

Follow the following tips to have the most enjoyable experience possible.

It’s important to realise that even on the warmest day, Babagağ is still a mountain with unpredictable weather patterns. In saying this, make sure you book paragliding for one of your first days in Ölüdeniz in case it gets cancelled and you need to reschedule a time. Also to note, once you climb to higher elevations, the weather becomes significantly cooler. With this in mind, if you are prone to feeling the cold, be sure to wear a windproof jacket and long pants.

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Make sure you book online during the summer months if you really MUST paraglide to avoid disappointment. The drive up the mountain will take around 40 minutes and has a lot of sharp winding switchbacks. If you get car sick, I would avoid having a big night the day before or even go as far as taking some motion sickness preventatives.

Additionally, certain companies have a weight limit. In this case, if you are over 100kg, you may need to shop around and find if someone accepts heavier people.

A stunning day in Ölüdeniz

Where to stay in Ölüdeniz

Ölüdeniz is a particularly popular place to visit and has accommodation for all ranges of budgets. There are three main areas to town; the beach, the centre and Hisaronu. Hisaronu is the furthest from the beach and catered to English party-goers, You’ll find lots of English pubs and themed bars, plus a variety of places to eat out. The beach area is the best location as it is near everything you need but will be on the more expensive side. Finally, the centre area is located along the main strip of town. There are restaurants, supermarkets and a few bars and easy access to get the bus to the beach.

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Other activities and things to do in Ölüdeniz

In case you’re travelling with friends who want to go paragliding in Ölüdeniz, but this isn’t for you then not to worry. Ölüdeniz is full of other things to do, including:

  • Hike Butterfly Valley
  • Take a boat trip for the day around the islands, beaches and see the blue grotto
  • Laze around Blue Lagoon
  • Eat Dondurma
  • Visit the ghost town of Kayaköy
  • Indulge at a day spa
  • Use any watersport equipment you can imagine
Ölüdeniz beach

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