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Travel Planner printable

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Are you looking for a printable travel planner to store all of your travel plans?

Planning upcoming vacations just got easier with this ultimate planner featuring a page for every step of the planning process.

It’s the must-have addition for anyone who travels regardless of whether you are super organised or need a little push to start the planning stage.

Don’t stress about researching and planning your next vacation, instead follow each step in the page in the planner to stay organised throughout the research and booking stages right up to the moment you get on the plane or drive out of the driveway.

You can get everything you need below.

No more spending hours researching great things to do and places to stay on your travels only to forget where you found it, or important information. Keep all of that information in one easily-accessible place. For the ultimate printable travel planner – you can download it right now.

Imagine If You Could…

  • Keep all of your research in one easy to find location
  • Have a logical sense to your travel plans
  • Compare the best activities, transport and accommodations to ensure you get the best price
  • Avoid feeling stressed or guilty about something you should be excited about
  • Create the perfect itinerary knowing you’re using your time
  • Have easy to follow checklists and timelines for things to be done efficiently
  • Feel confident leaving home knowing everything is being looked after

Yep, it’s true. You can get all of that and more with this printable planner.

Itinerary & Travel Planner Printable

This travel planner is perfect for both domestic and international vacations.

It is designed to take the stress out of travelling and ensure you don’t forget to do or pack anything!

It’s quick, easy & convenient to print and start planning straight away.

The travel planner has been designed to be printed and placed in a binder folder.

No more cutting off words due to hole punches, spaces have been left exactly for that purpose.

There’s no heavy ink areas or coloured backgrounds saving you ink and offering a clean stylish look.

You can order your printable travel planner now.

You’ll get 34-pages as a PDF in your travel planner kit that you can keep and print out for each new trip you go on.

Travel planning just got much less stressful.

This modern and stylish design will make you want to come back to your travel research.

Order your printable travel planner now.

Just print to have instant access to a planner to keep all of your travel research, booking information and to-do lists in one place.

Printable planning templates

Are perfect for you if you are:

  • Short on time
  • Like to be organised
  • Find it hard to be organised
  • Enjoys researching and planning
  • Have a million things going on in your mind
  • Usually has their plans all over the place

Can be used for:

  • Domestic and international trips
  • Shot or long trips (just print out more pages for longer trips)
  • All ages
  • Small to large group sizes
  • Budget or luxury travellers

How the travel planner will help you

General Research

The planner is set up in a logical way so that you can work through it from the first stages of your vacation through to departure day. Even after you have left home, rest assured knowing that your house and pets are safe and the carers know exactly what needs to be done.

When you start researching a travel destination you can store the links and websites for quick reference. Add any must-do and things to see.

Once you have an idea of where you want to go fill in the calendar. There are two calendar versions, one starting on Monday the other Sunday depending on your personal preference.

Next, compare flights and other transport options and record all of the important information like baggage limits and reference numbers.

Now it’s time to choose your accommodation and jot down your inclusions or exclusions so there will be no surprises on arrival day.

If there are tours and activities you wish to book on your vacation, the travel planner has a section for just that. Record pick up and drop off locations, Days of the week the tour runs and exclusions you will need to cover.

travel planner printable

Ultimate Travel Planner Printable

Ideal itinerary

Once you’ve got your transport, tours and accommodation sorted it’s time to write out your itinerary. You can use all the included options or pick wither the daily or weekly depending on how planned you would like your day to look.

If you prefer one style over the other, just print more of that page and leave out the others. It’s totally up to you.

Keep track of your money

Use the budget planner to map out any necessary expenses and keep them categorised. Add your budget and the actual expenses to see where you can make adjustments – assuring you don’t go over budget.

The expense tracker is a place to add anything trip-related.

Checklists and other information

The printable travel planner is designed to take away the stress leading up to travel. That’s why you will find pre-made packing and pre-departure checklists. There is space to add anything you might want to add to these.

Take the planner with you and the important information sheet. Here you can add important contacts, emergency phone numbers and any must-do’s while away. You’ll also have easy access to your travel insurance policy and contact number.

Finally, leave home feeling confident everything will be taken care of. Fill out the house/pet sitter information pack. They will know exactly how to contact you no matter where you are and have a list of duties by day as well as special information about the house. Including off-limit rooms, rubbish collection day and a visitors policy.

I know you will love the travel planner as much as I do.

Do you have any questions? Please drop a comment below.

travel planner printable

Ultimate Travel Planner Printable

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