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Akyaka is a vibrant, charming town on the southwestern coast of Turkey. Walking through the streets you’ll notice the unique buildings are reminiscent of ski chalets. These two to three-story wooden buildings are complete with intricate balconies and overhanging rooftops. Lining the footpaths are large flowering bougainvillaeas in more colours than imaginable. Cafes are buzzing with tourists and locals alike, each savouring with a cup of çay (tea).

Turkey is one of those countries that you have to visit at least once in your life. The best way to see the coastline is by hiring a car and road-tripping along what is known as the Turkish Riviera. Akyaka was a half-way stop for us and the perfect place for some R&R. The only place I can remember being equally as relaxed was on the shores of Lake Bohinj, Slovenia.

In this article, I have created the perfect 3-day itinerary for your visit to Akyaka.

You're going to visit Pamukkale for one main reason - to see the travertines. Located in a small town, Pamukkale is walkable, has friendly locals, ancient ruins and boasts a stunning backdrop.

In more recent years Pamukkale has been world heritage to protect from overexposure due to tourism. This natural wonder is created by limestone deposits which build up to form pools called travertines. At the top of the hill, they are even naturally heated.

I visited Pamukkale as the third stop on my Turkish Riviera Road Trip and although had been warned that over-tourism had ruined Pamukkale it was still an amazing place to visit.

Izmir is the third-largest city in Turkey, sitting on the west coast of the country on the Aegean Sea. With 2.83 million inhabitants Izmir has all the modern-day comforts you are accustomed to of cities around the world. In addition to this, wandering the city you will marvel at the remnants of ruins and ancient history in the streets. The origins of the city date back some 3000 years BC.

While not on every tourist's radar, it should be! When we visited we found it hard to find information online about what to do in Izmir. It seems everything points you out of the city to places like the ancient city of Ephesus and Pamukkale.

I wanted to create a useful guide on fun things to do in Izmir, that are located within walking distance to the city centre or by public transport.

Izmir is such a great city to visit and was the perfect place to start our Turkish Riviera road trip. We flew straight from Australia to Izmir via a layover in Istanbul. In this post, you'll find the five best budget or free things to do in Izmir, where to stay, how to get to Izmir and more.

Giant head sculpture Izmir