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5 inspiring travel bloggers

Updated on November 17th, 2020

I’ve always been a person who loves reading travel blogs. For as long as I can remember as soon as I had a trip booked I would go into my bookmarks folder labelled ‘blogs’ and scan which travel bloggers had been where I am headed.

I can remember almost whole articles by travel bloggers to destinations I would dream of travelling and creating these inspiring itineraries in my head following their advice. More than once I have kept certain posts open on my phone to view when offline wandering through a city. Making sure I marked off each recommended ‘hot spot’.

Most recently hiking from Valbona to Theth in Albania was completely researched by travel blogs as well as visiting Plitvice and Krka National Park in Croatia.

While my bookmarks folder gets a bit less attention these days, it’s mostly because I have my top travel bloggers that I pop straight into my search bar. The following blogs and Instagram accounts have been a huge influence in not only my travels but starting my blog and beginning to live my digital nomad life. Also, if you’ve got travel blogger friends, make sure you check out the best blogger gift guide.

Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information on my disclaimer click here.

1. The Blonde Abroad – Female Specific Travel Blogger

If I had to pick my favourite travel blogger, it would be a hard choice between The Blonde Abroad and number 2 below. I have been following Kiersten’s adventures for many years now and love that I have seen her grow and change not only as a person but as a traveller and a blogger.

I may be a little bit fangirl but I think Kiersten has the perfect mix of travel advice, looks, business skills and bonus, loves Harry Potter.

Kiersten comes from California but now lives in South Africa with her boyfriend. She hustled to get where she is and now runs one of the most successful travel blogs on the web. I think most people around my age will find her story relatable to them in some way.

Her posts are centred towards solo female travellers but also have advice for trips to take as a couple or with girlfriends. Three posts are released weekly, so you can pretty much find anything you are looking for on the website. There is a wealth of content on Europe, Australia, Asia, North America and Africa.

The Blonde Abroad’s Instagram feed is the only dose of travel inspiration you need. Beautiful bright, airy photos from the well known and lesser-known destinations around the world. Plus, a seemingly endless wardrobe, full of cute flowy dresses and hats.

2. Goats on the Road – Long-Term Travel Bloggers & Digital Nomads

I love Goats on the Road equally to The Blonde Abroad but in such different ways. There really is no comparing the two of them.

Goats on the Road are travel blogging couple, Nick and Dariece. The couple left Canada over 8 years ago and have been working and travelling around the world since. Originally they worked as English teachers in China and now work full-time on their travel blog.

What I love about The Goats is their posts are budget centred. I feel like I can use (and I have) all their advice from eating out, where to stay and things to do. During their travels, they mostly housesit, use Airbnb or stay in hostels. All things us budget travellers do.

These guys were a huge inspiration for me starting my travel blog. If you are looking to start a blog or have any questions about running one, there is a section on their website full of blogging posts. Wondering about how to live a digital nomad lifestyle and other travel jobs? They have you covered for that too!

Earlier this year, I was over the moon about Goats on the Road interviewing me about Workaway and my time in Montenegro. I may or may not have had another fangirl moment.

3. Helene in Between – Lifestyle Travel blogger & Instagram Guru

Helene in Between is a relatively new discovery for me. Since leaving home last year to travel through Europe a lot of Helene’s posts would pop up for destinations I was visiting.

Helene, her husband, Michael and her 2 dogs left their home in Texas 3 years ago and moved to Germany (however they have recently just moved back). After sustaining an injury and was left bedbound, Helene started up her travel blog and hasn’t looked back. Her travel blog is now the full-time job for both herself and her husband.

I love following Helene through her Instagram stories, where she has a knack of making it feel like she is talking directly to you. Helene is slaying the Instagram game and although her followers are less than some of the huge accounts, it’s all very personal and she has a strong engagement.

If you are looking to move abroad or travel through Europe Helene in Between is a great blog to check out. Most of her travels are to cities or well-known destinations and feature reviews, things to do and itineraries.

Again, one of the things I love about Helene is how relatable she is. If you love dogs, seasonal goodies like pumpkins and Christmas markets then you will love Helene.

4. Erin Outdoors – Travel Blogger & Photographer

Erin Outdoors is another travel blogger I have been following for a long time. However, I mostly keep up to date on her travels through Instagram but she does have a great blog too, just not updated as regularly.

From the US, Erin started travelling the world when she worked as a teen adventure tour leader. Combining her passion for photography Erin now lives in LA but is constantly travelling to outdoor and nature lovers destinations. She captures inspiring images of the places she goes from landscape scenes to close-ups of animals and portraits that go deep into the lives of the subject.

As a travel blogger with a focus on culture, wildlife and conservation reading Erin’s content takes on a more serious note that makes you want to learn more. It’s a refreshing look at how individuals are working together to raise awareness of cultural issues and responsible tourism.

Erin openly talks about her long-term struggles with anxiety and the challenges that comes with this and travelling.

5. A Broken Backpack – Budget Travel Blogger

Something I weirdly love about A Broken Backpack is how Mel doesn’t have an endless supply of Insta outfits. It’s nice to see that there are successful travel bloggers out there who can live out of a backpack like the rest of us.

Mel is a long term budget traveller from Canada who has lived in Australia, the UK and Bali and has spent a lot of time travelling through other Asian countries. A Broken Backpack is things to do posts, guides on destinations and tips for long term travellers and expats.

Following Mel on Instagram is like following one of your friends. Posts seem to be spontaneous and natural but still inspire and educate you on the destination.

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