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Travel jobs that don't require experience

Updated on October 27th, 2021

You’ve been working in the same career path for years on end but there’s something missing. You enjoy your job, but you just don’t LOVE it. Every year you are holding out for those precious 2-4 weeks of leave. Heading abroad during this time is what you are living for. So what if you could work AND travel? These jobs will get you started working abroad without experience and help you change career paths.

There’s no way I would have been able to save enough money and time off from work to live the lifestyle I’ve wanted to live. Instead, I created my dream life around work. I knew I needed a job that either allowed me to travel while getting paid or a job that was seasonal and I could travel between seasons.

Here are the top 6 jobs I have found that doesn’t require any prior experience. For those of you looking to exit the 9-5 these jobs will have you discovering the world with a paycheck in hand (You can even get started today).

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Can you get paid to travel with no experience

Yep! You sure can. Whether that means you are fresh out of school or have experience in a non-travel related field it’s all the same. These jobs will pay you to see the world.

Now, just because no experience is required that doesn’t necessarily mean you can just walk straight into the position, some jobs will require a little bit of planning and sometimes a course or two to get you there.

This table will give you a quick overview of the top jobs and their requirements, locations and pay.

Superyacht crewGet paid to work for the world's richest clientele. Think of this as a floating hotel. Entry level positions are deckhands, engineers and stewardesses.Must hold STCW basic training and ENG 1 medical assessment. Engineers are required to do an approved engine courseOceans worldwideExpect to start on $2500/month and upwards
Virtual AssistantSet your own hours and wages and work in a field that interests you. From graphic design to PR the options are endless.Be organised and computer literateWorldwideWithout a course $10/hour. With experience and a course $25 + / hour
English teacherEither online or in an international school you will teach children or adults to speak English.TEFL certificateOnline or non-English speaking countries. Commonly AsiaVaries depending on many factors. I earn $19/hour teaching online.
Tour leaderLead and organise guided tours around the world.Usually a particular driving licence type. Other requirements will vary depending on company.WorldwidePay is generally low. Expect $25/day but all living expenses and activities are paid for. You may earn tips.
Cruise ship staffThink of a floating resort. Positions range from hospitality, entertainment, deck crew, dj's, hosts, various instructors.Hold certain visa typesOceans worldwideEntry level jobs can expect $1500/month
Ski instructorLove skiing and want to turn your passion into a career? Follow the winters between the northern and southern hemispheres.Hold a visa for the country you want to work inAnywhere there is a ski resortStarting wages are $8-11/hour plus tips

Jobs that pay you to travel without experience

Superyacht Crew

sunsets as a yacht stewardess

Of all the jobs on this list, getting paid to work on a superyacht is something like no other. This job pays extremely well and you’ll spend your summers in the Mediterranean and winters in the Caribbean. Of course, there are other destinations yachts go, but these are the two busiest regions.

Something to note about working on a superyacht is that it’s a DAMN lot of work. Don’t be fooled by Instagram pics of yachties sipping cocktails and lounging at beach bars. Yep, there’s time for that between boss trips and charters and at the end of the season. Although when the boss is on you can expect to work 14-16 hour days.

If you are employed on a charter yacht you may work without a day off for 4 months, but the benefit of this is you will get paid tips on top of your salary. I worked on 3 different yachts, both private and charter and each has its perks. Interested in working on a yacht? Here are 10 reasons to consider life as a yachtie.

Jobs include keeping everything meticulously clean and maintained. When the boss or charter guests are on, the deck crew will assist with water sports and transfers to and from the dock. The interior crew will do service, table settings, bar service and housekeeping and laundry.

Apply to be a yachtie

The first steps to working on a superyacht are to do your STCW and ENG1 certificates. The STCW is basic training that takes a week and costs around $1000. You’ll learn basic fire fighting, first aid, personal survival and safety and proficiency in security awareness. Bluewater Yachting is a reputable company you can get this with.

The ENG1 is a doctors clearance that you are fit to work onboard yachts. This is a list of doctors worldwide that offer this service. I have detailed the 10 steps to become a yacht stewardess in this post. You can also apply it if you want to work on deck or in the engine room also.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Becoming a virtual assistant is my new big obsession. In February I sceptically signed up to Esther Inman’s 90 Day VA Course. Wrongfully so. Before even finishing I have signed my first contract and made back my investment!

What’s great about being a VA is that you set your own hours and your own wage. To begin with, your wage will start at around $20 USD/hour but with a bit of experience and specialisation, this can increase to greater than $30 within 6-12 months.

If I could rewind time I would go back and start this course before setting off on a long trip. It would be the perfect job to have in addition to travel volunteer programs like Workaway and Worldpackers.

Jobs include: Becoming a virtual assistant is opening up the doors to so many remote working opportunities. This blanket term actually encompasses so many career directions. Whether you’re interested in podcasts, video editing, writing, graphic design, project management or PR, these are just a few of the areas you could work in.

Apply to become a virtual assistant

You can definitely become a virtual assistant without going through the course. Although your wage will be lower and you won’t have the proper tools or knowledge to be truly successful.

I have written a full review on how to be a virtual assistant with no experience through Esther’s 90 Day VA course. I highly recommend doing it this way as not only does Esther teach you modules on each field of VA work she also includes mindset exercises to overcome imposter syndrome and also each week’s homework becomes an item in your portfolio.

By the end of the 90 days, you’ll have a portfolio, application kit and resume ready to send out to potential clients. The course also includes priceless access to the Facebook group which is full of supportive women and 60 job offers a month.

English Teacher

get paid to teach ABC's

Becoming an English teacher is a wonderful way to earn money either online or by working at a school in person. I have been teaching English online with Whales English since November and although I’m not getting as many hours as I would like, it’s a nice way to keep my funds slightly boosted while travelling.

There are some really great companies to teach English online. Different companies will have some basic requirements, some want a bachelors degree, others a certain nationality. Although the one thing you will need to do is a TEFL course.

The TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language) course can be done either online or in person. I did my course with The TEFL Academy and can highly recommend them. I did a lot of research into which company to go with. These guys won multiple awards last year as well as being competitive in their prices. The 168-hour course is a Level 5 Ofqual (UK government) regulated qualification and is recognised worldwide.

Apply to be a TEFL teacher

Once you have your TEFL certification you can start applying to schools whether in person or online. Your base pay will be dependent on the level of experience you have in teaching and other factors like previous education. You can read about Kat’s experience teaching English in Vietnam.

Tour Leader

Discover unique places in the world like Turkmenistan

Being a tour leader is the ultimate job that pays you to travel. You are responsible for leading groups who have paid to travel to a certain destination in the world. This means you get paid to show them this place! The pay isn’t great, but the places you see are potentially unending depending on the company you work for. The majority of companies provide all food, accommodation and activity expenses.

There’s a difference between being a tour leader and a tour guide. Louise, who works as a tour leader explains just the difference in this post on how to become an overland tour leader. I talk about Louise as my coolest friend. She’s driven from the tip of South American to Alaska and back and well as having driven from China to England. I mean, come on… How many people can say they have done that?

Apply to be a tour leader

The main requirement for becoming a tour leader is having the right kind of driving licence and potentially a visa to work in the country of the company. You can find a company that matches your preferred travel style.

Some companies to look into include G Adventures, Adventure Cross Country, Bold Earth and Dragoman. On their websites, you will find the exact requirements needed before submitting an application.

Cruise Ship Crew

Cruise ships travel all around the world

If you love being around people then working on a cruise ship could be for you. There are literally thousands of employees on a cruise ship, many of who work behind the scenes. You’ll spend days out at sea heading to desirable ports all around the world.

I like to think of working on a cruise ship like working at a floating Disney Land. It’s a resort on the water. You’ll find entertainers, cleaners, retail, childcare workers, hospitality staff of all descriptions as well as crew specific to the running needs of a vessel.

You can expect to earn around $1500/month depending on the position with living expenses paid for. There will be crew leisure areas which include bars, gyms and places to get some sun. You will be expected to work split shifts and it’s not guaranteed you will be able to get off when in port.

Apply to work on a cruise ship

Like tour leading, there are many cruise ship companies that appeal to a variety of demographics and markets. Cruises range from river cruising, island hopping in the Caribbean to world voyages into the Arctic Circle.

To work on a cruise ship you are required to have C1D1 Visa if working for a US company and pass a criminal background check.

Ski Instructor (or Snowboard)

Live in the mountains and make your passion a career

For 7 years I followed the winters between the northern and southern hemispheres. For the majority of this time, I was working as a ski instructor. Before I started instructing I thought this would be a job I wouldn’t enjoy. Yet, I fell in love with it and the lifestyle.

The mountains are a special place in the world and anyone who has done a snow season will understand the desire to return year after year. These years of my life felt so full. The relationships, events and having the opportunity to ski over 300 days of the year is something I really miss.

Obviously, you will need to know how to ski to become a ski instructor. Although many ski schools will have an entry-level position where you will only teach beginners and can do training throughout the winter to improve your own skills. You could also become a snowboard instructor or find another job in the mountains. I have a great guide on working in the Australian ski resorts here.

While you won’t be paid to move between mountains you will easily be able to find employment in ski resorts around the world. You just need to pay your airfares twice a year. Accommodation is often in staff housing which is more affordable than finding your own housing. Wages start at $8/hour plus tips in the US and quickly increase if you become certified.

Apply to be a ski instructor

There are two entry pathways to becoming a ski instructor. The first is the cheapest option and is done by starting at the bottom. Some ski schools will employ unqualified ski instructors where you teach beginners and young children.

Most of your days will be spent around the magic carpet area where you aren’t required to have great proficiency in skiing yourself. When doing this entryway you can do the training provided by the resort to become qualified for the following season.

The second entry pathway is to pay for a multiweek training school. These schools will improve your ski ability and teach you how to be an instructor. They can be a bit pricey but many help you get a job in the end. You’ll come out with a level 1 or 2 certifications. This means your base pay will be significantly higher than the unqualified instructors. Snow Skool offers courses in Canada, France and NZ and is a great option if you are serious about turning this into a career.

Read my full guest post at Where in the world is Nina on how to become a ski instructor.

Are you ready to get paid to travel?

As you can see these 5 jobs are totally fun and will give you way more time to travel the world. A short course will get you started and see you working abroad in no time.

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