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Worldpackers promo code & review

Updated on September 30th, 2021

This will come as no surprise to those of you who know how I travel. But for those who don’t, I love doing programs like Worldpackers where I volunteer a few hours of my time each day in exchange for free accommodation and food. If you have just come here looking for the Worldpackers promo code click here for $10 off or use the discount code CURIOUSLYERIN at checkout.

During my recent year-long trip through Europe, this was predominantly how we travelled around. Over the year I did a total of 9 different volunteer programs. I helped at a ski school in Slovakia, joined adventure tours in Montenegro, slept in a treehouse in Switzerland and lived right on Lake Bohinj in Slovenia.

This is a great way to travel Europe on a budget. Having free accommodation for a lot of our trip definitely allowed us to spend money on experiences that we wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. Also, I was so ready to leave my last job, that I hadn’t really saved up much. So the length of this trip was made possible purely by these programs.

Now, I would love to write about each of the programs I did and what made them so amazing. But I will save that for another post. In this post, I will tell you all about Worldpackers, give you the code so you can get a discount and find out what kinds of opportunities are out there and why it’s worth the membership fee.

volunteer at camp

Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information on my disclaimer click here.

Worldpackers Discount Code 2020 – $10 off

Follow this link and use the code CURIOUSLYERIN at checkout to get $10 off your Worldpackers membership.

What is Worldpackers

Worldpackers is an online platform that links travellers to hosts worldwide. These hosts sign up to the platform because they require some kind of help in their home or business. As a traveller, you sign up and receive free accommodation in exchange for work. Some hosts also offer food for the hours you put in. I like to filter my hosts by ones that offer both food and accommodation as it decreases the cost of travel significantly.

Worldpackers is the epitome of budget travel but also so much more. What I love about Worldpackers, is the type of opportunities seem to be endless. No matter what your skills or interests you will be able to find a host somewhere requiring your assistance.

Personal benefits from Worldpackers

  • On top of keeping travels affordable, you get the opportunity to learn new skills and completely immerse yourself in a new country and culture.
  • If your host is a local they will have the best travel tips and insights for you to explore the surrounding areas. There’s no better guide than someone who has lived in a place for years.
  • You will make lifelong friendships, whether with the hosts or other volunteers.
  • Learn new skills, both developmental and practical.
Scout Camp Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Scout Camp on Lake Bohinj

Who is Worldpackers for?

Absolutely anyone can sign up for Worldpackers. Different hosts require or prefer help from different sets of people. So whether you are travelling solo, a couple, a group of friends or a family with kids, there are opportunities out there for you.

Age also only plays a role in the preference of the host. Some hosts may want their volunteers to have some life or work experience. Others don’t want people over a certain age.

Really, it’s about being flexible and not taking things personally if a host doesn’t want you because you are travelling solo. There will be another host who doesn’t want a couple.

Type of volunteer opportunities

Currently, there are three types of programs offered by Worldpackers. These are:

Work Exchange
The work exchange programs are where you stay in a hostel or with a family. You have the chance to expand on your skills, learn new languages and immerse yourself in the culture. Meet people from different backgrounds and ways of life. These hosts are worldwide and may live in cities or small rural areas.

Social Impact
Social impact projects are exchange opportunities within a community, school or NGO. When helping with these exchange programs you will be using your time to help positively impact a community. Some examples here would be teaching English or building projects.

Worldpackers work exchange opportunities

Ecological Projects
The eco projects are where you will be doing a farm-stay or living in an ecovillage. These exchanges are centred on learning and helping with sustainability and permaculture.

Work exchange in Switzerland
Learning to make fondue in Switzerland

Where can you volunteer

The world is literally your oyster, except for maybe Antarctica. I haven’t seen any volunteer opportunities there yet. Depending on the type of work exchange program you want to do, you will find more of a certain type focused in different areas. For example, in Europe, you will find a lot of opportunities in hostels and homestays. Whereas South America and Africa have more eco and social projects. This being said, you can still find each opportunity type wherever you travel.

There are a couple of ways you can go after programs also. You can choose to travel where you would have anyway, and if there is a Worldpackers opportunity sign up. Or you can travel to places following Worlpackers opportunities.

In the past, I have done a bit of a mix. During my Eurotrip, my partner and I had an idea of the countries we wanted to visit. We would search for suitable volunteer opportunities in those countries. and that determined our next steps. There were definitely some countries we wanted to go to that didn’t have suitable programs for us (Albania for one) so we travelled through there and didn’t volunteer. Others, like Kosovo we went to because we got offered a volunteer position and we probably wouldn’t have gone there otherwise.

Different seasons will also bring about more hosts in certain places. Summer means high season in most places so there will be more hosts looking for volunteers during these months.

Lake Skadar Kayaking
Joining the group activities in Montenegro

Sign up to Worldpackers

Setting up your online profile

Are you convinced that you would like to sign up to Worldpackers? I thought so. Don’t forget to use your code to get $10 off your annual membership!

When you create your new account, you’ll be asked a few basic and personal questions. I highly recommend filling out every section completely and honestly to maximise your chances of being accepted into a program.
This includes:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Short bio
  • Spoken languages
  • Skills that you have or you want to learn
  • About me
  • Education

Next, you will be prompted to add some photos. Firstly, make sure your profile picture shows your smiling face – let the hosts see who they will be inviting into their home or business. Keep those shots glancing into the distance for the gram. Now, add a few more photos that show who you are and about your interests. If you want to do exchange programs with animal shelters, this would be a good place to add photos of you and some animals.

If you would like to see an example of how to write your online profile you can have a sneaky look at mine.

Worldpackers Membership fees

There are two plans offered through Worldpackers. The solo traveller or the couple/friend travellers. The original cost of membership is $49 USD for a single traveller or $59 for two. However, if you use my promo code (CURIOUSLYERIN) your Worldpackers discount is $10 off this price.

Bargain! Imagine how much money you will save in a year not paying for accommodation and food.

PlanBefore discount (USD)After discount (USD)

Finding a volunteer program

Now that you have paid your membership and set up your profile you will be wanting to find your first volunteer opportunity.

Start searching for hosts by finding the magnifying glass or volunteer opportunities in the menu bar on your home screen. If you hover over this, this is what you will see. Use any of these common searches to get started.

Worldpackers search screen

Or click and use the search tab to start searching by region, country, or city and the sidebar to filter results even further by:

  • Type of program
  • Availability (including hosts requiring last-minute help)
  • How you want to help
  • Skills
  • Host type
  • Travel length
  • Host ratings

Once you have found a host you like, click on them to see their profile. This page goes more in-depth as to what is required from you and what you will get back.

Something I really like about Worldpackers is the host page. It’s simple, user-friendly and easy to read with lots of eye-catching icons. There are photos and reviews from other travellers who have been on the program. Another great feature is it even allows you to connect with the previous travellers if you have any questions.

When you find a host you like, the next step is to hit the big green apply now. You will be taken to this screen.

Worldpackers Promo Code and message hosts

What to send to hosts

This step is important. It’s the first impression in front of your host. So what do you write? You will want to include some basic information about yourself, include something from their profile to show you read it thoroughly. Add that you are happy to do the work they require and state your dates are flexible to maximise chances of getting accepted. Popular hosts can get numerous requests, you need to make sure you stand out above the rest.

I have created a template that I use for messaging hosts. You can grab this now, just pop your email in below and I will send it to you.

Worldpackers Review

Why sign up to Worldpackers when there are other similar programs? I have used Workaway and HelpX in the past and each platform does have it’s benefits. Currently, I actually have a membership to Worldpackers and Workaway. Having a couple gives you more volunteer options. Although this in no way is necessary.

Worldpackers benefits

  • Worldpackers verify all of their hosts! This is massive, especially if you are a solo traveller. It gives you peace of mind and you can almost guarantee what is said on the profile is what you will get. Worldpackers is the only volunteer program to do this.
  • If for some reason your host doesn’t work out (and they are at fault) you can contact the support team. Worldpackers will give you three nights stay somewhere in the area and afterwards we’ll help you find a new hostel to stay in. Again, this is something you won’t find with other volunteer programs.
  • Thirdly, I love the interface. It is so simple, easy to use and most importantly easy to find all the host details you are looking for quickly.
Volunteers in Slovakia
Celebrating Christmas in Slovakia with other volunteers

Something to note

I get we are all here to have a cheaper holiday. Maybe gain some new skills in the process. But I have to strongly urge you to not take advantage of your hosts. These people are welcoming you into their lives and with that, you need to respect them. Do the set hours, do what you agreed upon ahead of time and in the end, you will both benefit from that.

I have been at volunteer programs where people don’t show up to work on time or even at all. In the end, they get kicked out. But what are you gaining from that? Nothing! So be an adult and exchange your time for memories and experiences. If this doesn’t sound like something you can do, don’t travel this way.

Sign up to Worldpackers now

So what are you waiting for? By using the code CURIOUSLYERIN as your Worldpackers coupon code you get $10 off your annual membership. This means it’s only $29 per year for singles and $39 for couples or friends. Imagine the opportunities you can have and how much longer you can stay on the road for when doing this!

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    I just used Worldpackers to find an experience in Budapest. It really helped me see the city in a different light. I can’t wait to do another on in Albania 🙂


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