Growing up I knew that was all I wanted to do was travel.

Over the past 10 years I have been working and travelling my way around the world. I love slow travel and prefer being based in one place for an extended period of time.

For 7 years I worked in ski resorts, popping between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. I did pretty much every resort job there is but I mostly worked as a ski instructor and LOVED it!

During this time I got a degree. I worked full-time for a year as a paramedic and decided that I would go travelling for a couple of years. Fast-forward on to 5 years later and I am still on the road. I didn’t have a whole lot of savings under my belt so I worked as I travelled. I spent two amazing years working and travelling on superyachts.

Next, I thought some home soil would do me good, so I then went and worked in a resort on Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Literally paradise!

It was on this island that I fell in love and my partner and I left for a year travelling through Europe. We did lots of volunteer programs like Worldpackers and Workaway to make this affordable. Now, we are living in Myanmar where I teach English online and Ben works for a conservation group.



Curiously Erin Blog Lake Bohinj

Curiously Erin is a budget travel blog, inspiring travellers to live a life that fulfills their wildest dreams. More and more people are realising that they don’t want to live a 9-5 lifestyle. But how do you escape when you have imited funds??

That’s where I come in. I, like you used to believe travel to be expensive and only possible after lots of hard saving. However, over the past 10 years I have learnt that to be so far from the truth. Travel does not have to cost you years of savings. Instead, I want to show you what you can do all around the world for free or cheap.

Aside from travel tips and destination advice when you join me on this journey you will receive ideas on how to stay overseas longer. From ways to get jobs abroad and how to start new careers to volunteer opportunities allowing you to travel the world for free.

I want you to follow your dreams do what your heart desires. It’s exactly this passion for travel and living an unapologetically passionate life that’s been fuelling Curiously Erin and I hope you will join me on my adventures and live your most magical life.


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